SpineCore Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Northern Wisconsin. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for people with physical disabilities through outdoor adaptive sports. Our mission is to help them concentrate on their abilities versus their disabilities, exceed expectations and help them adapt to various situations. The overall purpose is to inspire people to continue leading healthy, active and adventurous lives. 

Anthony’s Story

Anthony Regole

SpineCore President & Founder

Clifford Reese

Brand Expert

Austin Hayes

Product Management

“January 7, 2007 life as i knew it changed forever, but it was not for the worse. With tough work and dedication anything is truly possible even if takes blood, sweat and tears, in the end it is worth it. You may have to fight for it and even fail your first time but if its what you want and you constantly work towards it, it will come to you and when it does it’s pure bliss… I’ve had many adventures and met many amazing people. I look forward to the new adventures and new faces in the years to come. One Love.”

– Anthony